Busion is an entrepreneurship foundation that strenghtens Polish business. Find out how we can support your company’s development.


About us



About foundation

The BUSION FOUNDATION was created for entrepreneurs, who are looking for support in developing their businesses. We provide assistance through consulting and providing knowledge, funds and other necessary resources.

Our main goal is the development of Polish entrepreneurship. We believe that together we can build a strong Poland by driving business processes and by participating in the creation of trade relations with foreign partners, especially compatriots living abroad.We strengthen the economy in this way, and also promote Polish business in the world.

We operate so that all the collected money can help many times over. We boldly support even the most difficult projects and ideas, even going beyond standard solutions.

The name BUSION is a combination of two English words: „business” and „on”. It perfectly shows the mission of our foundation – activating Polish business. The name sounds like „bizon” – a bison, the animal visible in our logo. It perfectly illustrates the essence of our project, because it is a symbol of strength, peace and abundance.

Our products

The Bison Academy

The Bison Factory

The Bison Loan